So this happened. 
It's the first time someone's had my artwork tattooed and I'm thrilled with the end result. Pictured here is my friend Rachel and the tattoo is of my illustration "Spellbound" from my Seasonal Print Series. The tattoo was done by Mindbender Tattoos in Oklahoma, which I will most certainly visit if I'm ever in the area.

In other news, tomorrow night is the opening of Evil vs Good, Bear and Bird Boutique+Gallery's Group Art Show in Lauderhill, Florida. I'll be there with this piece titled "Ephemeral Fly," which will be on display through November 14, 2015. Come by if you're in the area!


Art Inspiration - Lagertha

My recent obsession with Norse Mythology has been largely inspired by the History Channel's TV show Vikings. There is so much to love about Vikings, but the tale of Lagertha, a Viking shieldmaiden from what is now Norway and onetime wife of the famous Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, is my absolute favorite. Her tale, as recorded by the chronicler Saxo in the 12th century, may be a reflection of tales about the Norse deity Thorgerd.

Also, how’s this for art inspiration?!


Idun's Fall, Autumn 2015, Seasonal Print Series

In Norse mythology, the goddess Idun is the wife of Bragi, the god of poetry. She is the keeper of magical fruit and associated with eternal youth. Like Persephone in Greek Mythology, Idun is kidnapped from her homeland. Her departure, rather than affecting the growth of crops and vegetation, causes the gods to grow old. Here she is seen navigating away in a ship that resembles a constellation. The boat of stars was inspired by the I-Ching Diagram No 8, which is that of the Autumnal Equinox.

This is the Fall 2015 Edition of my Seasonal Print Series. 

Inspired by the change of seasons and as a way to mark the passing of time in a place where the landscape obscures it, this Seasonal Print Series runs yearly and contains four prints--one for each season. Each print is only available for a limited time. Read more about the inspiration behind this series at:



Feeling Sketchy

Venturing Into New Materials...

I've wanted to offer wall tapestries since #Society6 first made them available but never got around to it...until now! I'm thrilled with these designs and excited to finally offer these gorgeous wall hangings in my shop.

Available in three distinct sizes, these tapestries are made of 100% lightweight polyester with hand-sewn finished edges. They're durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use and machine washable so you can even take them camping! Click here to check them out. 

Happy Monday!


Harley Quinn Suicide Squad 2016

Harley Quinn
Stayed up past my bedtime last night playing with color and got carried away.
This one is much more colorful than anything I would normally do, but then Harley is a colorful gal. She’s been described as “casually homicidal, gleefully amoral, and mentally unbalanced.”
My kind of girl.
Prints and t-shirts are now available through my Society6 shop:

Click here to watch the Suicide Squad 2016 trailer

Framed Original Artwork

A few original pieces have been added to my Big Cartel shop.

They are framed and ready to hang original illustrations created on acid-free fine art paper.
The framed size is approx 11.5" x 14.5"

Check them out at:

Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday!


Pancakes & Booze Art Show - Friday July 17th

I'll be hanging out here tomorrow night with a few of my illustrations.
Come by if you're in the area!

8:00pm - 2:00am in EDT
59 NW 36th St.
Miami, FL. 33127

Miami's Largest Underground Art Show featuring:
-50+ Emerging Artists
-Live Body Painting
-All-U-Can-Eat Pancake Bar
-$5 Cover

Live Audio Perfromances by:
DJ Lindsey BELL
Atman -



Seize the Day

"It's a bridesmaid's dress. Someone loved it intensely for one day, and then tossed it. Like a Christmas tree. So special. Then, bam, it's on the side of the road. Tinsel still clinging to it. Like a sex crime victim. Underwear inside out. Bound with electrical tape." ~Marla Singer

I re-watched Fight Club this weekend and reignited my Marla obsession.

Marla inspired prints and tees are now available through my Society6 shop.
15% Off Apparel Plus FREE Shipping available today. Ends tonight @midnight.



Land of the Free...

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend and celebrating independence.
Happy Birthday, America!

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.”
 ~Albert Einstein

“In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.”
~Martin Luther King Jr.


T-Shirts Are Here

Finally got around to adding T-shirts to my shop! T's, V-necks, tanks, & hoodies are now available. Check them out at
Free Shipping is also on through 6.28.15 @ midnight.
 Happy Summer Solstice!


Take Back The River

I've been juggling too many things and have finally come to terms with the fact that something's gotta give.

The answer is simple.

I'll be happily holed up at home for the next few months working on new prints and wrapping up a million projects.

Found this fitting:
"Do not disturb unless I've won the lottery or Jesus has been sighted on the Old Taos Highway."
Well, I don't play the lotto and Jesus sightings happen at least once a day so...

Here's the yet untitled Summer 2015 print for my Seasonal Print Series. She will be available starting next Sunday, June 21st through my Society6 shop:

This is also the last week to purchase prints of Persephone, the Spring 2015 edition of my Seasonal Print Series.

Have a great week!


Sunday Inspiration: Joseph Cornell

"Joseph Cornell is one of America's most innovative modern artists, known for his distinctive box sculptures, collages and experimental films that continue to influence many artists, writers, poets, filmmakers and designers"
via The Joseph Cornell Box

How gorgeous is this box?!
Inspired by Joseph Cornell and created by Rebecca Edwards.

This website is full of inspiration, including downloadable images and wallpapers.

Happy Sunday!



What I Found On The Interwebs Today

So it's Tuesday, another work day, and you've had three full days of sun and sand, but you're just not ready to leave the beach. I get it! Sometimes you gotta bring the beach home with you. Wherever home may be.

Check out this cute DIY Photo Mobile, which you can easily create and use to show off some of your favorite sandy pics. Read the full article with instructions here.